Six Little Known Impotence Reasons No One Knows About

Impotence reasons can vary from man to man and while many are widely known, there are several erectile dysfunction causes that affect men everyday that are seldom discussed. It’s safe to say that impotence reasons can range between a mind set and a health issue and in most cases there is an erectile dysfunction treatment that will meet your needs. Although generally thought of as an old man’s condition, impotence and impotence reasons affects men of all ages. And, one of the more common erectile dysfunction causes is referred to as performance anxiety and this typically affects younger men. This is usually a psychological situation stemming from a poor performance during a prior encounter.

Stress and anxiety usually take over resulting in an inability to obtain an erection. The more stress he feels the less he is able to perform. Erectile dysfunction treatment usually involves a variety of relaxation techniques, although once they become involved with a long-term partner the reason for impotence corrects itself.

Recently added to the list of impotence reasons is sleep apnea and lack of sleep. Recent studies have found that close to 80 percent of men afflicted with sleep apnea suffer from a variety of impotence reasons and erectile dysfunction. One widely accepted thought is that erections naturally take place during the deep or REM aspect of sleep. When an individual does not reach deep sleep fewer erections take place and this subsequently affects their ability to obtain an erection during waking hours.

Obesity ranks high on the impotence reasons list. Obesity itself carries a number of health issues that can be classified as impotence reasons. Typically individuals who carry an excessive amount of weight are often dealing with health conditions such as high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes and low levels of testosterone. Blood flow in obese individuals was also typically lower in the penile region. Also among the impotence reasons of the obese is a low self esteem. Erectile dysfunction treatment generally consists of lifestyle changes and weight loss.

Another culprit on the impotence reasons list is medication. Specifically high blood pressure medication, diuretics, antihistamines, anti-anxiety, muscle relaxants, alcohol, nicotine and illegal drugs such as marijuana or cocaine. While the hazards of these drugs are well publicized a reason for impotence is usually omitted. If you have been prescribed a legal drug by your physician do not stop taking the medication until you discuss an alternative with them.

A hormonal imbalance can have a negative effect on your sexual desire. This typically relates to low testosterone levels that can be caused by a variety of factors. Testicles that have been injured, are inflamed or bear tumors are usually low on testosterone. Levels of testosterone are also affected by illnesses such as diseases of the pituitary gland.

Today’s lifestyle is so hectic and full of activities and responsibilities that time constraint is rated in the top five impotence reasons. Most people are under the impression that it’s perfectly acceptable to put sex on the back burner and participate when everything else is done. Unfortunately, not scheduling time for regular sexual activity can lead to low libidos and ED.

People are familiar with the more obvious impotence reasons; however, these are several of the not so obvious situations that can have a profound and negative impact on your sex life. These are also conditions you can discuss with your physician; jointly decide on an erectile dysfunction treatment that will put you back into the driver’s seat.

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